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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 10, 2014 9:00am-10:01am PST

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more opportunity tomorrow. and the time to start is now. >> we'll be back with more "happening now" in an hour. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is ou "outnumbered." today's hashtag one lucky guy, jessie water $ on the couch and he's outnumbered. welcome. >> thank you for putting up with me. >> you're back. >> i am back in a big way. >> you counted the days. >> really? >> like an advent calendar counting down for christmas. >> you have like chocolates each day. a little treat. >> i like that. >> then you on the final day. >> it's a beautiful thing. >> it is a beautiful thing. let's get right to it. there is a showdown going on over immigration as lawmakers
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set to return to washington for a lame duck session and it boils down to this. despite warnings that acting alone will poison the well with the new congress, president obama doubling down, warning lawmakers they'd better get him a bill addressing 11 million or so people in this country illegally before the end of the year. or else he'll go it alone with the power of his pen. listen. >> i'm going to do what i can do through executive action. it's not going to be everything that needs to get done and it will take time to put that in place. and in the interim, the minute they pass a bill that addresses the problems with immigration reform, i will sign it and it supercedes whatever actions i take. >> the president's vow getting a sharp rebuke from republican senator that the white house
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invited on friday. >> it would be like the president pulling a pin out of the hand grenade and throw in as we're trying to work together. i'm hoping that cooler heads at the white house can prevail upon the president to say, look. if you want to have a good, constructive, final years of your presidency, don't do this now. >> couldn't this whole thing pour cold water on the moment that was expected for both parties to work together after that election last tuesday? >> i don't think there was a moment. i didn't feel it. i don't think the country felt it. i think voters went out and rejected am nest ti at the polls. obama is going to say, i don't care what the voters think. i'm just going to bring in new voters from central america. i don't think it's going to work because he's already opened the borders. he killed the border fence. he's already secretly ordering millions of green cards behind everybody's back. he triggered the invasion on the southern border before so i think he's looking for confrontation. i likes confrontation and i
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think he cares about the obama presidential library having a big hispanic wing in it. >> what i thought was interesting about this moment where 13 congressional leaders were invited to the white house, talking to the president, the senator alluded to the fact that the economy was never even brought up. >> nope. >> he said i was astonished that during the whole lunch, the president didn't ask us anything about the economy at all. so i guess my question to you is, is the president losing track of what he said he heard from voters last tuesday? >> i don't think he's losing track. i think he's lost track. he's wanted i mean grigs -- immigration reform for a long time. months ago he was thinking and talking about immigration but the polling was so bad and democrats were saying please don't do it before the election that he waited. john boehner said he was frustrated. when you read the exit polls from tuesday night, voters want
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the economy. however, i do think that president obama wants this immigration fight. i think it's a fight that he knows and believes that he can win because the "new york times" is going to cover for him. they're going to drag out pointy headed, harvard lawyer that says this is well within his constitutional bounds. g.o.p. is going to take this fight to fight him on it and that's what the president wants. he'll say, we can't wait. we have to act now. it's about legacy. he doesn't care what the american people think. he's going to act alone on immigration reform. this is what he wants. it will be short-term but it will be enough to get them through 2016. >> so should the president take pen to paper? i want to put something in perspective here. if the president was to take executive action on immigration, where it falls in line with -- at this point with this presidency, that would be 193 executive orders. compare that to g.w. bush, 216 at this point in his presidency and big clinton, 273. so the number of executive orders for president obama still
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pretty much well below where those presidents were at the same point. >> it's a little apples and oranges because it has less to do with how many times as much as it does with the subject of those executive orders. if you're talking about executive amnesty, which i think is how it's being termed now, that affec millions of people for many of the reasons that jessie talked about, border issues, children who come over illegally, paying for their education, so on and so forth so it's a tremendously important issue. just because you should or can do a thing, the question is should you do a thing? the president once says elections have consequences. i'm wondering whether or not, and i would is he special enough to think that he's the exception to that? right? because the consequences of two houses being not your party, which is what happened the last two elections, say that you have to work with the other side. so i'm wondering, what part of him makes him so special that he feels that he doesn't have to do
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that? >> are you getting the feeling we'll not see the parties come together? >> no. he's going to do what he wants. it's important to listen to what he's saying and he's saying that they pass a bill i like, i'm ready to sign it. that's really big of him to say. that means that he's not ready to compromise. he's not ready to give an inch. he's ready to accept something that he likes that republicans may or may not deliver. that's not going to work here. republicans are smart, they're going to prioritize border security first. they're going to pass something over that's strictly security centered. put the president on defense, make him explain why that's not a priority for him. you can't deal with everyone else. you can't deal with all of these other illegal immigrants that are here unless you deal with border security or we wind up with the same problem over and over again. he knows that. >> when speaker boehner said at the meeting on friday that we're going to need a little time to put something together, that might be that narrow focused piece of legislation that andrea has been talking about for weeks now. >> thank you. >> but you're still going to
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need time to do it. could you get it done by the end of year? i don't know. maybe. the vice president, joe biden, spoke up and said -- from many sources now in the room, so what kind of time do you think -- oh, we cut off by the president. a presidential interruption. >> i think the republicans might be served better if they waited until maybe they had a publican in the white house in 2016. then they had a house and senate and could do whatever they want. >> i think they should have passed -- and they can call it a secure our borders now bill. get dems to vote for it. and say if you sign it -- no. use it as a carrot. if the president signs it, then we'll work on all the other issues like amnesty. you have to force his hand auto this. otherwise, he's going to stand in everyone's eyes. he may win this order. >> i think negotiating with the president is a bad idea. he's a terrible negotiator. he got burned down the debt
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ceiling. got downgraded because of it. he's jam throughed all of these things like obamacare and the stimulus without one republican vote. i don't think this guy going to negotiate in good faith. >> do i get a point for using your favorite word on air? bicamerol. tomorrow is veterans day and the head of the veterans affairs department is expected to announce what could be the largest reorganization in the agency's history. it's months after whistle blowers revealed officials covered up wait time for our sick veterans. here is the new guy outlining some changes he plans to put in place. district report we've passed up to the senate committee, house committee has about 35 names on it. i've got another report that has over 1,000. if 1,000 people need to go, give me a sense of what are some things they did? >> we're talking about people who devalued our values.
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>> we have a list of 1,000. so far, only four senior employees recently targeted for removal by the v.a. have been fired. and that's one of the facts that critics, among them republican lawmakers, are saying, well, this is really moving along slowly. are we expecting too much too fast? >> notice how they didn't say we'll fire 1,000 employees. they said some of these employees could face disciplinary actions. you know what that means. they could maybe work from home or something like that. let's remember, it's impossible to fire someone that works for the federal government. lois lerner still has a pension coming to her. so i think it sounds like a press release. big monday after the election. i'm not sure i believe it. >> don't you think people are more focused on this, though? there will be more accountability expected from peep. when you're dealing with
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veterans, i feel like that got a lot of people enraged. >> do you really? >> and maybe other issues aren't as enraged. i think a lot of people woke up today and said 35? that number sounds bigger. >> he has a list of, say, 1,000 that might face some sort of disciplinary action and/or firing. we don't know. but bob mcdonald said the process isn't taking as long as i thought it would. >> his words were, the agency is moving along as fast as it legally can. that's the problem that jessie is talking about. they can't fire these people in many cases. look. by the time they do fire and hold these people accountable, at the end of the day as republicans very often criticized, this process has moved far too slow, affected way too many people and continues to. shakeup is needed. is it too little, too late? a lot of people agree. >> i come to the issue pointed out, you've got a situation here where at least we're going forward. do we need another agency outside of this one to take a
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peek? not an agency but a watchdog group to make sure it gets done? >> this is not a staffing issue. this is not an h.r. issue. this is government run health care and it's not going to change because there's no incentive for any employee, no matter how good they are, to do well. look at the way the post office is set up. basically government monopolys deliver shoddy care and it's the best example we have of the single pair system. see how it's working out in the u.k. v.a. hospital is the best way to look at that. if you really want to challenge the v.a., and i would look at sandra to see what she thinks about this, set up charter hospitals next to the v.a. hospital. give the veterans choices. they'll put their money anywhere there's a workable idea. there's other ways to do this but government will fail every time. >> you put choice into the system. >> choice is always better than not. >> all right. >> just a fabulous idea. it's one that should be
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considered. we've seen how it's worked with the charter school system. >> you lookt the average wait times for veterans who were caught up in the scandal. 60,000, 115 days and now even longer to get through the process. we'll be watching it. speaking of the health care, is the obamacare website still a mess? new questions facing health as the new rollout is set to begin. the supreme court challenge that one legal observer says could be the health care law's death blow.w. and it's not enough that the government lectures us on what to eat. i'm hungry. the new proposal to institute obesity interventions at work. do we really need fat police for the lunchroom at work? catch more from the couch on the web. join us for outnumbered overtime by logging on to fox we'll have a live chat. we do a q & a with our viewers. stay with us. so ally bank really has no hidden fees on savings accounts?
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i'm just looking over the company bills.up? is that what we pay for internet? yup. dsl is about 90 bucks a month. that's funny, for that price with comcast business, i think you get like 50 megabits. wow that's fast. personally, i prefer a slow internet. there is something about the sweet meditative glow of a loading website. don't listen to the naysayer. switch to comcast business today and get 50 megabits per second for $89.95. comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back to "outnumbered." call it obamacare round two. with the next enrollment period set to start five days from now, there are new questions about the health care law are the
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administration scramble to go make sure the federal website is working right and working on contingency plans in case health suffers the same snafoos later this year. a challenge that one noted court observer calls a potential death blow to the president's signature legislative achievement. uh-oh, andrea. this is trouble once again for obamacare. i would hope that this rollout in a few days would be smooth, that maybe they learned their lesson knowing full well that public relations, i don't think they can handle another blow. what do you think? is this going to be smooth this time around? >> i don't know if it's going to be smooth. i don't have a lot of faith in anything the government does but this lawsuit you mentioned, this is huge. this is huge. this could unravel the entire obamacare law. 36 states refuse to set up exchanges and as drafted, the law said if you had -- if you
9:18 am
didn't have a state exchange, you could not get the subsidies. now, people who like the law are saying, oh, it's just a draftinger drafting err error, an oversight. no. that was done deliberately to get the states set up to do exchanges. entire thing falls apart. it is a big, big issue and by the way, if that happens, too, they didn't close gtmo. if republicans block amnesty, last six years, the president would have accomplished nothing except spending us into oblivion. congratulations. >> let's say the supreme court says this is not workable and the whole law crumbles. did the administration not foresee that these things could be declared unconstitutional? they've had trouble with the individual mandate, made numerous revisions that some feel they're completely unrevisional. why have they not foreseen these problems? >> andrea is right. they wrote this on purpose to induce states to have the
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exchanges. >> it could backfire. >> but i got really excited the last time the supreme court had obamacare. it didn't go my way and i don't want to get disappointed again so i'm going to keep my expectations very low now, okay? who knows what's going to happen with the supreme court. remember what happened with john roberts? who knows what's going to happen? >> he could be also the person on the supreme court who decides that i don't want to leave all those people -- what is it? five million people out there without subsidies? i don't want to be the person to make that -- >> let's hope that's not the way his brain works. that's emotional. >> that's true but it's one of the, if you will, variables in all of this. as far as the subsidies going away, then you do have the big question of whether people look at the cost of health care and say it's cheaper for me to pay the penalty and not enrollment if enrollment falls, then you have a funding issue nationally for this health care reform and that's the huge death blow that everybody is talking about. >> also the issue of whether
9:20 am
this is fixed at all at this point. >> and whether or not the website is going to work. they have a different job this time. signing up existing health care customers along with new ones. can they handle it? >> well, we shall see. president obama also finally shouldering some of the blame for democrats' losses in the mid terms. it's about time. is he only doing it to put out a fire within his own party? if so, what would that say about his leadership style? and domestic violence scandals involving some nfl big stars don't appear to be hurting the league bottom line. why fans may be shrugging it all off and what that says about our culture. ..
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>> for the first time since the midterm electis, president obama is taking blame for the democrats' losses. listen. >> the buck stops here at my desk and so whenever as the head of the party, it doesn't do well, i've got to take responsibility for it.
9:25 am
>> in the meantime, "the washington post" reporter and editor bob woodward says senate democrats tell him they're just as mad at the president as republicans are. >> get the democrats in private and they're on fire. just because he won't spend the time because he won't listen. >> all right. so if he's not going to work with his own party, how is he going to work with republicans? >> he's not. it's delicious that the democrats are all of a sudden complaining about obama. ually when something bad goes wrong, they blame bush. now it's obama. it's a refreshing thing. democrats are saying ebola, isis, health crashing, all these things in chaos. this is because of the obama administration but we're the one that took the blame. it's understandable, too. the president's likability is way down. you have the guy fist pumping and high fiving and playing golf
9:26 am
after an american is beheaded. no allies on the democrats' side. no international partners. it's no surprise that he's isolated and without friends in his own home. >> likability quote is an interesting point that jessie is making. all along in the first term, people didn't necessarily -- well, they weren't fond of his policies but they liked him a great, great deal. now to be down in both category $ precipitous for his presidency and legacy, i would imagine. >> but something changed in the last couple of days. we saw him not own the losses for the election. we saw his spokesman not take any responsibility, either, in a very weird way. >> it was. a couple of days later you see him on the sunday shows, do you think he's doing this to sort of check the box and move on, thinking it doesn't really matter? i don't have another election that affects me. >> it made it look like they're so much in denial and not even acknowledging what happened with these elections and it made them appear to be, as we discussed on this show shortly after, out of touch with what the voters'
9:27 am
message really was. look. i don't know that i really saw this as president obama, you know, conceding and saying this was the result of his policies and the failure of some of those policies. he called this a failure of politics. saying that the democratic party really needs to learn to court the other side. i didn't really see that as ownership of the president in his leadership skills of the party as a result for the democratic loss last tuesday. >> i think he did this because he is is the one that came out and said my policies are on the ballot. he came out and agreed with himself. that's what he just did. i'm not surprised that the democrats are unhappy. they wanted to win elections. it's a rejection of policy. this was a rejection of president obama but more importantly, it was a rejection of his policy and democrats also follow the same policy. taxes, obamacare so i think they're in trouble regardless. people, more than being dissatisfied with a presidential figure, are dissatisfied with his vision for the country and the democrats would have ushered
9:28 am
in the same vision. >> i think democrats are a bit confused about how his vision has changed. february 10, saturday, of 2007, he announced his candidacy on that day. i was working, i remember, and what he said is in the face of politics that shut you out, that's divided us toor to long, you believe that you can be one person reaching for what's possible, building that more perfect union, end quote. i would imagine democrats are wondering, what happened to that? >> the president went from the messiah to a pariah. he's trying to say the stupid american voters won't know how good they've got it and he blamed it on the sales pitch. it's like everything is great but we couldn't sell it because my own party quarantined me in the white house and he said 75% of the country says that things are on the wrong track but they don't know any better. things are great. >> it's an elitist attitude. >> always he seems to blame the voters. obamacare, he said it's just
9:29 am
that you don't understand it. it's a problem with you. then, no, i don't think it was a referendum on me. i think it was just that democrats didn't get out and vote so it was their fault. >> no. he started out the next day after the elections, started out by talking about obamacare and touting obamacare successes. it was unbelievable. all right. we need to address the economy. this is number one issue on america's mind. he's talking about i'm not going to change much as far as obama kair. millions of people -- he launched into this whole thing on obamacare and it was the first sign that he was not acknowledging anybody. >> the buck stops with me. hillary clinton said the buck stops with me before but then it doesn't. i think when he said that, he was almost teeing up the fact that he was going to move on executive order meaning, okay. the buck stops with me. now it's on me to do something. here's my pen. let me hit it. >> very interesting. well, so some new developments. the nfl players union reportedly
9:30 am
calling on the league to reinstart adrian peterson saying that he's allowed back on the field once the legal matters in the child bus a bus case is resolved which happened last night. meantime, domestic violence scandals involving some of the game's biggest stars don't appear to be hurting the nfl bottom line at all with the second half of the season underway. game attendance and tv ratings are on pace to either top or equal last year's numbers. this is amazing. you know, we have been talking quite a bit on this show about this and it really has not hurt the reputation of the nfl. and i go back to people watch football games to be entertained. they don't want to hear about this. >> i know. especially even fans in baltimore didn't even care. they're like, let ray rice play even though he did what he did and i want to watch football on sunday. i want to watch tonight.
9:31 am
we have to win this against carolina. i think goodell right now has weathered the storm. >> you do? >> i think he's weathering the storm, i should say. he appointed this guy to do the independent investigation. >> after two hours of that hearing of ray rice, come o. they came out with two separate stories. >> no one is talking about the logo in washington. no one is talking about concussions. >> they are. >> we're talking about football and how great football is. >> we are talking about those things but i guess what sandra has said for weeks now on end is that one thing trumps the other. >> and i've been saying, a year from now we won't talk about this but it could change the culture of the nfl if handled properly. there's pressure on goodell even carrying us through this point of the controversy. do you see any change in all of that? is goodell going to stay at the helm? >> once with you see who saw
9:32 am
what and who knew was in the ray rice case, that will tell a lot. one person is not telling the truth. it's either the player or the commissioner of the nfl. all right. so if it turns out that he's the side that didn't get the facts straight, then you can become to asking who is at the helm but right now he's making corporate owners happy. he's delivering those audiences that you're talking about and that's his job. >> so harris, you started out by referencing the concussions and jessie, we'll disagree with you a bit. cover of the "new york times" is covering the concussion issue right now. >> i don't know if that has a broad reach, but go ahead. >> it is a conversation happening in america right now. you don't have little kids in football right now but a lot of people do and they know that this is a major discussion, a major conversation that's being had and there are big questions about how much the nfl has actually held back in recent years about the effect these concussions are having on their players, especially later on in
9:33 am
life. >> that's been talked about a lot for many years, the issue of concussions. having taught in schools, parents are always concerned about their kids playing football because of what they've heard, about the nfl moving forward. but i think the bigger question is, is people's reaction to it. have we separated our morality from entertainment? do we not care? if we're going to be entertained, talking about hollywood or football, does it entertain us? do we not care? do these issues not take a priority? even if it involves health and well-being and potentially kids and what not. >> i go back to it could change the culture of the game. it could change from a little league level -- >> i know and they've tried to change the tackling rules. i get that and it is a threat to the long term viability of the league. what i'm saying, the conversations about logos and concussions and domestic violence are trumped by the amazing and outstanding success of the league and the ratings.
9:34 am
>> is that a good thing, though? i'm sorry. >> i think it's hard to have these debates in the middle of football season. i think the concussion issue, when it started to heat up last spring, and there's been a couple of times it's been enflamed, i think it was easier when they weren't playing. now people want to watch their football. they don't want to be distracted and on the concussion issue, you have the players so divided. some players come out and say, terry bradshaw, i've had a great life. i knew what i was getting into. he said it right here. >> he said something has to change. he said it's so serious, something has to change. but he's a hall of famer. >> he sees it. what she brought up is interesting, too. you're talking about differences of the people. we're talking about adults. when you talk about that younger level, that's really where the change can come about. >> what happened in adult land happens in kiddy land. >> well, there are conflicting reports about whether the leader
9:35 am
of isis was wounded in an air strike over the weekend. what iraqi officials and the pentagon are each saying now. and the food police moving from your child's lunchroom to your workplace. hear what the committee in charge of setting nutritional guidelines wants to do in its effort to fight the nation's growing obesity epidemic. head to the web. here we go. outnumbered overtime, log on to fox and click the overtime tab. send your questions, comments, tell us what topic you're all worked up about. jessie is here to talk about it. we're on twitter, facebook. the live chat, harris is looking at it right now. we're there. to all the veterans... no longer in uniform, but still serving... on the job and in our communities... whose dedication and commitment to excellence continues... in every mission, whatever it may be...
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>> she's cheeseburger looks
9:40 am
god. i'm not going to lie. the dietary committee charged with creating -- i'm thinking about diets, creating nutritional guidelines for americans says that bold action is needed to confront the obesity epidemic and one way to do that would be to deploy trained interventionists to your job. this isn't the first time the committee's ideas have sparked controversy. previously they suggested moving americans to plant based diets and sending text messages to get people to lose weight. i'm going to go out on a limb here and say this might be the government doing a little bit too much intervention into our private lives. what do you think? >> i've learned one thing in my short life and that's never talk about a woman's weight, especially in a public setting. then you add that from the government and i'm here to help? it's like a recipe for disaster. and let me get this straight, federal government doesn't want anyone policing the southern
9:41 am
border. they want people policing fat people at work? it's so dangerous. you know, fat people are like half the country. obama thinks he has a problem now? wait until he -- >> he's just trying to keep my southern border from getting too big. and where were they -- after i got my hair done, i was sneaking around the fox & friends set and they had leftover birthday cake and heather busted me eating birthday cake. she pretended not to see. >> you didn't even know whose birthday cake it was. >> cake for breakfast. >> here's my concern. we've been talking about obamacare today so maybe it's not just me thinking too big. but it troubles me a little bit to say whether we can get health care, what we're going to pay for it, what that's going to look like is also going to task itself with trying to figure out whether or not i'm healthy based on what i'm eating. >> their argument is that they
9:42 am
say these health care costs that are incurred as a result of obesity is everybody's problem. they feel they have to do something. the american public isn't doing it as their own >> we're going to charge you for it. i can see it happening down the road. seriously. listen. more and more companies are on board with keeping their workers healthy. you see it in corporations across america where they're giving incentives for gyms and you can go see a nurse and they'll check on your fundamentals and see if they improve and they'll take your health care costs down, things like that. there's already private incentives out there. let businesses do their thing. government will meddle in this. >> the minute obamacare hit, you knew the government was going to claim some kind of control because the more control you give the government, the more they're going to say, all right. we'll make decisions what to reimburse. let's see how healthy people are in your organization. >> this is so unpopular, though.
9:43 am
when michelle obama tries to do it in schools, it's unpopular. people ent want government telling them what to do. >> it's not even about personality responsibility. it is somewhat but it's also freedom. i can't have a donut? i haven't seen the fox gym. i've heard it's beautiful. if there's birthday cake there, i might make my way in. >> people are becoming hysterical about fat people. it's like an epidemic in society. >> it is. >> isis, global warming, fat people. we're a little chunky in america. we're fine. we're just a little overweight. >> you don't mean that. you're raising kids. >> the good news is we can cover up all of the cookies that we eat because it's time to break out the winter gear. a bitter blast of arctic air is about to descend on much of the country with snow already hitting parts -- i'm not ready for this -- of the upper midwest. we'll have a live weather report
9:44 am
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>> oh, it's monday and i love it. apparently i'm the only one, though. we'll come back with "outnumbered" in a moment. first let's go to jon scott with what's coming up on "happening now." he lines mondays. >> i'm having a good monday. something to be said for that. president obama? china today for a meeting with the chinese leader. they've agreed to ease restrictions on work and travel but will china's increasingly close relationship with russia come up? we have a live report. plus we are awaiting a news conference at 1:00 p.m. eastern on the new health website as open enrollment under obamacare is about to kick off. can the website move past last year's botched rollout problems? we'll be listening for any news. dow is up more than 20 points today after hitting record highs last week.
9:49 am
this as the price of oil continues to drop. a check of the markets ahead for you. it is all "happening now." very busy monday and a good one, harris. >> see you then. thank you. >> now it's my turn with this story. kelly rippa made millions of fans but she seems to be okay with her own kids not being among them as long as it's for their own good. she described punishing her teen daughter saying, quote, she recently lost her computer and phone privileges so it's like taking away oxygen. i'm not your fren. i'm your mom. i'm not your friend. she adds while she won't read her kids' personal journals, if she post on public media, she will read it. but that stuff is not private. no one here has teen daughters but i mean, do you want to be friending your kids on facebook and following them on twitter? sandra, do you think that's good parenting? >> i think she's -- it's interesting. she's taken the role of
9:50 am
disciplinarian here and saying i'm here to make sure you're safe, fed, that you have a roof over your head and make sure you're guided through life on a very straight course. i don't think there's anything wrong with what she did here. >> harris, we had parents we knew in high school who let their kids and kids' friendses drink at they are houy are -- t house. >> i didn't have that. >> you probably didn't. >> i was raised by a colonel. >> we all think that's cool at the time but is that dangerous when you become too friend well your kids and their friends? >> i only have examples from my friends and their own kids, it's not a good idea. you need somebody to be the person there who is the person who is making the decisions that are for the best interest of that child, not because it's a pop layerity contest. and i love my daughters. they're five and seven so they're not teens yet and i want
9:51 am
them to know they can tell me anything. that's true. and i probably would sign up as a friend. if the public sees it, i know i want to see what's going on with my kids. i don't think they would ever have a disillusion about my being a friend. >> tell me everything. i'm your friend. >> then ground you. let's read the diary. you're grounded. the internet is a dangerous place. we all know that. my uncle has a philosophy. he says i assume everyone i meet is a pedophile and then i work backwards from there. >> that's a nice way to go through life. >> your children are on the internet. shouldn't we be assuming that everyone there is just a despicable human being? >> i think your uncle probably needs to work through some trust issues with a therapist. but i like that she monitors her child on social media. i think parents need to nowadays. she's absolutely right. kids need boundaries. they need rules. my mom would always say that when i would get mad at her. she would say i'm not your friend, i'm your mom.
9:52 am
but you're going to grow up and realize i am your best friend. she's right. where are those girls now? the fun moms that let their daughters drink, they're a complete disaster. i've seen it in the classroom. they have bad scenarios. >> was your mom a fun mom or -- >> no. my mom was a disciplinarian but harris hit the nail on the head. she was also the one that i could tell anything to. i speak as a dean. a lot of kids walked into my office and they were terrified of talking to their parents and the kids that did best when they encountered a problem, were kids that knew they could go home and have a mom or dad there to talk to about whatever the problem was. be a disciplinarian but never that mom or dad that -- >> she thought i was two faced but it's not. they trust you because they know you'll set the boundaries and you're looking out for them. >> i don't want them to afraid they can't talk to you. >> it's tough. when the phone use to ring in my
9:53 am
house, my dad would answer and just hang it up. >> we're not even having technology in my house. we're going to have a little string attached to a cup. that's it. all right? what's most important when it comes to finding a mate? a sense of humors, taste of food? if your significant other had political views, would you love them anyway? the role politics plays in dating.
9:54 am
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9:57 am
could you date someone with opposing political views? it doesn't matter to most people. according to the dating site. political affiliation came in 6th behind values and sense of humor and appearance and job and taste in food. but politics. men are more willing than women, shocker, to be with someone with opposing views.
9:58 am
could you date a liberal? >> i have. i live in new york city. people say values on the list. your political ideology influences your values and that is incorporated. i don't care their politics. i will not date you becaus you are a liberal or concobs. but your politics does come in to play and affects your life and a factor to face at some point. >> is that why these relationships? >> could be. >> no, i couldn't. . it is very early on question. did you vote for president obama? because of the values and if he voted for president obama, that means he is naive and he bought in hope and change upon and if i can't respect him. >> do you say that before you ask him out.
9:59 am
>> before you go to dinner you want to know how i voted. >> it is poor guy. >> i have had news appearances and sean hanity comes on live. >> do you pay for half of the dinner. >> the rule of thumb for guys, you can be a crazy tea party conservative. but if the girl is hot, you're in. and as long as she's hot. >> not you, jesse. >> i am more sensitive. >> i yield all of my time to you. >> when i was dating my wife, we wewe sympathetic. she told me she voted for obama, i was like oh, my gosh are you kidding me? >> i w kidding.
10:00 am
>> we'll talk about it on the after the show, show. and jesse comtemplating divorce? go to the web and we'll see you back on tv, "happening now" starts now. >> we begin with a fox news alert. is going live again, mor than a year after the botched roll out. >> we are waiting the news conference and officials promise the website will be easier this time. >> time will tell. >> what do you think of that? this is "happening now". >> we are in a position to start going on. >> turning up the heat on isis. >> the islamic state top terrorist was critically injured this weekend. did u.s. air power but a l- baghdadi out of commission?


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